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NetValue S.M. Ltd provides innovative and scientifically substantiated advertising services that represent the cutting edge of modern communication strategies. Our services include marketing research concerning consumer selection mechanisms involving emotional interactions between product and consumer, as well as design and implementation of internet advertising campaigns. As part of our methodology, we employ neuroscience and/or biometric tools a nd methods to measure consumer (emotional) response to ads, products, and services.


Moreover, our expertise includes affective computing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and Human Computer Interaction (HCI), all tailored to enhance user experience during online interactions with your brand.

NetValue is all about targeted design of your advertising campaign, design and analysis of your brand image effect, offering considerable advantage over the competition. Our team consists of internationally recognized scientists along with young successful professionals, responsibly providing our innovative services.


Creation of a successful brand name by which people identify the service or product you provide.
Market research concerning acceptance of your product and/or service, combined with sales consulting.
Designing and implementing your online campaign through adequately chosen social media, building awareness for your brand among your target audience.
A great emphasis is given to design your online campaign in order to serve your particular needs and the demands of your target audience.
Organizing appropriate social events for the promotion of your company, product or service.


Where brain science and marketing meet.


What is Neuromarketing?

Modern marketing is not anymore solely based on conventional fields such as consumer psychology. The emerging field of neuromarketing uses a variety of neuroscience methods applied through tools such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Electroencephalography (EEG), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Skin Conductance Response (SCR). These tools, when used effectively in appropriately designed experiments, provide invaluable brain and psychophysiological data in order to accelerate comprehension of consumer behaviour. The purpose is to know how marketing messages affect neurons of the brain of your potential customers. This research methodology shows us what is happening in consumers’ mind at the time of purchase and what are the characteristics that make them choose a specific product/service instead of another, similar one. Thus, having strong research evidence about what your target audience wants to hear and see in relation to a specific product/service, NetValue effectively organizes all aspects of your advertising campaign.

  • Affective Design of E-Commerce User Interfaces

    Design of the emotional impact of your Web site and/or online store.
  • Colours and shapes

    Colours and shapes that arise from content and images of a website trigger specific emotional stimulation to the visitor. We design this stimulation to effectively match the brand of your product/service, taking into account specific characteristics of your target audience.
  • Advertising Material Design

    In several cases, promotion fails because the design of online promotional material is inappropriate for the particular product/service and its target audience. NetValue will guarantee the successful design of your advertising material.
  • Emotional Content

    At NetValue, we have knowledge and experience needed in writing content about each product/service in order to communicate the appropriate emotions about your brand to your target audience.

Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) with Emotional Intelligence

In modern e-commerce, visitors of a website, instead of being exposed to plain text information, communicate face to face with animated anthropomorphic characters. These characters, in which is inherent the significance of emotion and personality are also known as embodied conversational agents (ECAs). ECAs incorporate artificial intelligence and thus are able to present your product/service, answer all customers’ relevant questions, and in some cases even make sales. At NetValue, we have scientific expertise in this field and can create your own ECA seller, giving a distinct impression to your customers.

  • Emotional State Recognition

    NetValue ECA sellers integrate artificial intelligence algorithms and thus are able to make an accurate evaluation of user’s emotional state based on acquired data.
  • Data Collection

    Collecting data from user's behaviour during their interaction with the online environment (e.g. a user nervously moving the mouse pointer), in order to serve as input to the system’s emotional recognition algorithms.
  • Personalization

    The ECA seller suitably adapts its behavior to each user’s emotional state, as a successful human seller would do.

Our Team Philosophy

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

Social Events

Socially Artistic Events as a means of promoting your product/business


How it works

NetValue, with artistic director Constantine Conie Isaakidis, created a pluralistic group of artists from the whole spectrum of performing arts: Actors, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, clowns, musicians, as well as make-up artists, film and television technicians, writers, lighting technicians, etc.

Being experienced in organizing events both in Greece and abroad, NetValue’s artistic group organizes every aspect of your socially artistic event, which could take place on a road and/or a central square, as well as in your business/shop.

Socialize everywhere

Actions, such as socially artistic events, add a special dimension to branding of your products/services, offering extrication from cliché advertising and connection to civilization and culture.

NetValue covers every aspect of production needs. Ideas, scripts, constructions, equipment, advertising material etc.

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